the 2018 Horses of Chester County Calendar

The Horses of Chester County Calendar is SOLD OUT. Thank you to everyone who purchased! Look out for next year's calendar!


I’ve had so much fun visiting your farms/barns and attending your events to photograph all those lovely horses in their natural habitats. I even managed to “shoot” a couple of your other barn animals! Photo sessions of you and your horse or your children and pets are all so personal and special to me.  There are so many special occasions where I am asked to back up fond memories with shots of a lifetime.  It is always my honor to be there for personal and business occasions.

Ginny is the proud publisher of her NEW Second Edition of HORSES NATURALLY, which is now available in paperback for just $16.95 as well as a Kindle Ebook edition for $7.95 from Amazon.com.  It was created with over 100 pages of natural Equine shots here and abroad, for horse lovers of ALL ages to hold onto and enjoy. The Special Limited Edition HORSES OF CHESTER COUNTY poster is a stunning montage of over 80 of Ginny's original equine photos from Chester County. And now available, signed limited edition prints of Ginny's original Acrylic painting "Horses of Marsh Creek".

Artwork shown here as well as many other pieces of Ginny's fine art can be viewed in the gallery.

Award winning Photographer and Artist,
Ginny Lippincott Jenkins

Ginny has a strong marketing/advertising background with two large US ad agencies, and was active for many years both with The Horse of Delaware Valley and Natural Horse Magazine. She now has a thriving photography business doing Equine and Pet Portrait work, located in the rolling hills of central Chester County, PA. Her candid shots of animals alone (or with their favorite people) make great personalized gifts.

Ginny's candid shots of horses, pets, and children create memorable lasting images which are unique personalized works to use for yourself or for gift giving, for brochures or for display on websites. She also has a big collection of Botanical work that she will be promoting soon. Please enjoy a sampling of her photgraphic and fine art pieces as you scroll through the website, or visit the gallery page for all her works!


100+ pages of natural full color, Equine\Photographs... most taken of your horses right here in Chester County, some from England and others of the wild ponies at Chincoteague Island, Virginia this past summer... a distant whinny, the lazy swish of a tail, the warm low whicker of an eager friend pleased to see you. The everyday sights and emotions of a life around horses are yours to relive through this inspired photographic journey. Setting glamour aside, this touching collection is about the intimate moments that so often go unnoticed in our busy lives, yet complete the wholeness that a lie with horses is.  Heartfelt and instinctive, Ginny captures the grace and compassion of these incredible animals in a style all her own. Inspirational words lend a further depth, making this book a must-have for anyone who admires these beautiful and intelligent creatures.

70+% of the horses showcased in this book are from right here in Chester County!
NEW 2nd Ed HORSES NATURALLY By Ginny Jenkins
available now for just for $16.95* at Amazon.com
New Ebook version also
available now for just for $7.95 at Amazon.com


*Plus tax for PA residents, shipping and handling.

Some of the wonderful pages from this enchanting book!


NEW "Magic Moments in Time" Poster click here!

Horses of Chester County Poster

Limited Edition full color 16 x 20” posters

Check it out folks, you might just be on there!

A fun montage of photos Ginny took over the past year and a half right here in Chester County, and designed by Donna Ellis into a poster that every horse owner in Chester County, Pennsylvania will want! High quality images are printed in professional full color on heavy stock suitable for framing. A portion of the proceeds will be given to Ryerss Farm for Aged Equines. Order here:  $14.95 Plus tax for PA residents, shipping and handling* for a total of only $19.00.

*no additional shipping costs for 2 or more posters

11 x 14" Prints created by Tim Vaughn Studio
from Ginny's original Acrylic painting.

Marsh Creek State Park in the rolling hills of north central Chester County Pennsylvania is Ginny's favorite peaceful spot to photograph, paint and relax near the horses. Overlooking the vista at the beautiful lake and lush Chester County countryside, Ginny has captured the essence of the peacefulness of horses in nature in an original acrylic professionally recreated in a signed limited edition print suitable for framing.  Prints are available for pick up at The Eagle Gallery, on Rt. 100, in Chester Springs, Pa. Or... Order here:  $36 plus tax for PA residents, shipping and handling for a total of only $41.00.

From the allure of Bucks County to delightful animals and wildlife

Ginny's love of art came at an early age. Her artistic mother and she spent many an afternoon sketching and painting in lovely Bucks County where she grew up. As a fine arts major in college, she has gone on to show in many art shows and galleries winning many awards. Her art can now be found on walls in corporate America and in homes all over the US. Ginny has created several unique painting collections of Bucks County, various animals and wildlife, and miscellaneous landscapes which can be viewed in the gallery. For more information on these pieces of art or to commission Ginny for your own original, please contact her at ginny.jenkins@hotmail.com.

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Capturing magic moments in time

Scheduling bookings now!
Ask about our specials!

Personalized Equine/Pet photography sessions at your home, out in the fields, or in the barn make wonderful gifts for loved ones at any time of the year.

Let’s focus on these unforgettable moments in time… with your animals… you by yourself, or you with your loved ones, doing what you do best. They will be casually candid and portrayed naturally in full color or black and white. Together, we will capture these special moments to treasure for all time.

Basic costs of photography sessions in Chester County, PA:
$25 Booking fee (covers editing and digital transfers)
Please note that 1 – 4 people in a barn are welcome to get together for a session.
$35 per ½ hour
$60 per hour

Please email ginny.jenkins@hotmail.com to discuss reasonable booking rates outside of the Chester County, PA area too!





Feel free to contact Ginny at ginny.jenkins@hotmail.com for your own photo session!

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If you are interested in purchasing any of Ginny's Fine Art pieces, or would like to talk with Ginny about setting up a portrait session, please email ginny.jenkins@hotmail.com for more information!